Accommodation in NSUK.

I got so many of you asking me series of questions on Accommodation Matters, so i decided to put this together for you.

So far in NSUK, you either choose to stay On-Campus(Hostel) or Off-Campus.
So lets begin with Hostel Accommodation.

The university provides accommodation for students, before now hostels are only for 100 levels and 400 levels, but with the ongoing hostel extension projects, that may change when they complete the project.
Once you pay your school fees, Proceed to the hostel Admin (Boy to the boys hostel and Girls to the girls hostel) with you school fees payment receipt. You be will asked to pay the sum of N10,000 at the bank  and bring back the teller to the Hostel Admin. Make sure they write down your name, after some days, they will release the hostel placement list at the hostel notice board. Its that simple.

Now for Off-Campus accommodation, the driving force behind it is your money. With N20,000.00 to around N170,000.00 you can get Off-K accommodation as it is fondly. Therefore, it depends on your taste and your pocket.
Its either a single room or a Self-Contain.
You can get a single room within N20k to 35k depending on the location. While the Self-Contains are around N50k to N170k.
Generally, the apartments close to the school are more expensive, while the ones far from school are usually cheap.


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