It has come to our notice that some people, especially bloggers, mindlessly copy stories from NSUK Guide/CampusWatch without appropriately giving credit to the source.

Consequently, some of our readers have been misled into believing that these impostors are one and the same with our medium. And some think we are the ones stealing from those blogs.

In view of this, we want to state categorically that NSUK Guide/CampusWatch is distinct and not affiliated to those media that copy its (NSUK Guide/CampusWatch) contents.

Any medium masquerading itself as our affiliate is hereby denied and not known to us and should be treated as an impostor.

NSUK Guide/CampusWatch will not be held responsible for the activities of those blogs. However, henceforth, any blog that steals our content without appropriate attribution will be held for plagiarism and duly prosecuted.

The general public should take note. Our website is: www.nsukguide.com and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/nsukguide.



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