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Empty Threats You Will Face In Nigeria School…

When you gain admission into higher institutions, as a newbie you are prone to believe anything you here. You might easily fall for anything that comes your way.
When we started here are some threats we got from our “superiors” that later turned out to be empty.
Buy my text book threat.

Sincerely buy any text you find helpful, if you meet a senior colleague borrow from them. Every lecturer now “writes” text books because of the money they will make from selling it. But all they mostly do is copy from websites and publish it as a book they wrote themselves not minding that we students surf the net for better information. This textbooks are usually clumsy and difficult to comprehend, only long stories, no in depth explanations and they threaten us to buy them.

Their line usually goes like “if you haven’t paid for my textbook-notice the paid-just prepare to come and take my course next year” if I hear, pay or not, if you write well in the exam you will pass like passenger for brt.

Practical manual
Shaking my head for all this non academic staffs that just got federal work and want to buy car the next year. They will say that the practical score will be added with you main course score and bla bla bla you pass. If you pay for the practical all you will learn are basics of anything they will teach. Imaging going for a programming practical, time for the ultimate test, you hack your sleep to write codes, go for the test and they ask you: what is a software? If you like define hardware for software or frameware even, the dude looks you in the face, if he likes you he scores you higher, if he dislikes you he scores you lower. At the end of the day you still pass according to what you wrote in the exam.

Attendance list
Lecturers just use this one to stress students, everyday attendance. And they will say they deduct mark according to the number of times your name doesn’t appear there. Lie. Just make sure your name appears on the list once then any othere time they show up, write your indomie and egg recipe instead. The school database already has your name that you are a student taking that course, so if a lecturer keeps threatening you with attendance, he or she is up to nothing.
Note: the exam attendance is really necessary.

Lol, a lecturer once gave us a total of 13 assignments in a semester that ran for two months, know what he did with them? Nothing. We later found out that he likes collecting papers. The point is they don’t mark these assignments, they just give and collect for the heck of it. Some will even request you pay money to pass the assignment. Smh…

Theses are most of the empty threats we face in our school. Do you have any? Please supply it.
Greatest nigerian students…


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