Friday, 19 July 2019


7 Types Of Corper Teachers You’ll Meet In A School…

Few months i’ve spent teaching as a corps member in a school somewhere in osun state, I was able to make out this list and i’m sure you’d agree with some of my points!

Let’s begin!
1. The one who skips assignment.
This person is unaware about it, but she’s making her students life miserable by dumping countless assignments that are impossible to finish before the deadline.

2. The Noob.
This corper has no experience at all in teaching. He is usually focused and is never late. The students will either forget about him or remember him because he’s HANDSOME

3. The ace corper teacher.
Love him or hate him, he’s so good at doing his job. He usually coaches student contestants during inter-school quiz. He’s also known as the “over sabi corper”

4. The absentee corper.
Who remembers his name? He might come to school like once in a month and the next time you’ll see him is when it’s time for principal to sign and give us our clearance for that month!

5. The comedian.
One of the best corpers in school. They’re the most memorable ones, fun to be with, turning the class into a comedy show. The students will immediately forget about the lessons.

6. The one who fails at explaining.
She’s incompetent. She’d just read whatever in her textbook and probably has no idea what she’s teaching.

7. The counselor.
Every class of hers is like a counseling session. She never fails to make an enlightening advice to her students. She might teach for 5mins and the remaining period is for counseling.


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