Sunday, 7 July 2019

300Level Mass Comm. Student Attacked by Cultists.

300Level Mass Comm. student attacked by cultist. 
By Nabil Mohammed Jibril [7-7-2019] 

Mr. Yahuza Muhammad, a 300Level student of Nasarawa State University, Keffi in the department of Mass Communication was attacked last night by some unknown cultists after a misunderstanding with his course mate. 

Mr Yahuza alleged that one Joy Cyril which is his Class mate brought the cultist to attack him in his house in Angwan Lambu at about 9pm yesterday. 

In a telephone interview with Mr. Yahuza he revealed that the cause of the attack was connected to a small misunderstanding he had with Miss Joy yesterday morning in their class whatsapp group platform, which subsequently led to her leading some boys to his house later that evening, threatening and eventually beating him up.

When asked how he knew they were cultists, he revealed that while they were threatening him, they bragged about who they were, things they've done and what they are capable of doing to him.

According to an eye witness present at the scene, Mr. Yahuza was saved by the school's security unit. "I had to rush to call the school security to come and rescue  my friend if not my friend would have been dead by now". He said. 

However, when our correspondent spoke with Miss Joy Cyril, she confirmed that they did had a misunderstanding yesterday, but said she knows nothing about the alleged attack on Mr. Yahuza. Even though Mr. Yahuza alleged she was present during the attack. 

Mr. Yahuza has since been treated by the school clinic and is recuperating, while the matter is currently being investigated by the school security unit and we'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

This report was compiled by Nabil Jibril and edited by Simon, Markus Yila (Mark Motion). Nabil Jibril is a 400 Level student, in the Department Mass Communication  NSUK. 


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