Wednesday, 5 June 2019

6 Test Preparation Tips

1) Don’t Procrastinate. Don’t Cram:
Give yourself enough time to study. Never procrastinate and it’s best to begin preparing long before the day of a test. Make it a habit to complete reading assignments on time and frequently review lecture notes. If you’re preparing for mid-term or final exams, you’ll want to organize your time so you can dedicate more time to those exams that are more important or are going to be more demanding.

2) Plan Your Study Time:
Make time for studying by setting aside regular time to study as it will help you achieve high test performance. Also, prepare a term calendar, weekly schedule and daily schedule that includes regular study sessions. It’s so easy for work and other activities to quickly take precedence over studying, so plan your study time in advance.

3) Watch for Clues:
Almost every teacher has a method of preparing test questions – and they tend to use the same method each time they prepare a test. Watch for clues your teacher might provide about possible test questions and formats. It is also advisable to participate at test review sessions and ask questions about unclear concepts. Never be ashamed to ask questions.

4) Arrive Early on Test Day:
It is common for students struggling with difficult subject matter to show up early on test day to seek additional clarification or understanding from the teacher or instructor. This is an excellent opportunity to gain additional understanding and test preparation. Hence, showing up to class early on test day is a great idea should in case the teacher provides any additional tips, instruction or insight.

5) Get Plenty of Sleep:
It is unwise to stay up all night studying prior to test day. Get plenty of sleep the night before a test. Although spending extra time preparing seems like it will improve your score but you never want to show up to a test tired.

6) Use Visual Aids:
Visual aids, including chart, diagrams and graphs are great study helps – especially if you are a visual learner. Organizing information into diagrams and charts helps to condense and simplify information and improves recall at test time.

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