Tuesday, 21 May 2019

5 Reasons Students Join Cults on Campus in Their First Year

Cultism remains a threat on campus and here are five reasons why some students become members of cult groups easily in their first year.

Before cultism spilt into the streets, its base of operation lay in the secret corners in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics.

It should be stated that confraternities should not be mistaken for secret cults. In the 50s, confraternities were created with noble ideas and objectives.

A generation later, Nigerian campuses would begin to see violent activities from secret cults. By the time the 90s hit, secret cults in universities would be a scourge. They became a threat to school authorities.

We are far from the dark days in the 1990s but secret cults still persist in our ivory towers.
Why do undergraduates join secret cults? The reasons are many but here are five of them;

1. Protection
Every association has something it promises its members. Protection is the foremost promise cult groups offer their “Jews” as one of the campus cult groups would call their new catches.
Of course, no student would like to be on campus to suffer. And getting protection from friends is an idea innocent students would gladly embrace.

Meanwhile, where naive students walk into such groups not knowing the meaning of protection the group is offering them, others walk into the group knowing fully well that being a cult member covers them under a protective umbrella of a secret association.


2. Power
Power gives you wings. Wings that can make you fly above everyone else on campus and lord your presence over everyone. This is the kind of narrative some cult groups deploy to lure innocent students into their midst.
And any student who feels having such power would make him cut corners, escape lecturers punishments and feel like a lord among his peers would buy the rhetoric and get initiated in no time.

3. Revenge
The distasteful sweet feeling  that comes with harming someone in return for an injury is what propelled some students to join cult gang.
The need to exert revenge on a campus bully, lecturer, or a fellow student who wronged another is a prominent reason for joining among cult members.
This explains why there is always a reprisal attack each time a cult group strikes another. In fact, revenge among cult groups is a horrible game of numbers.

4. Low Self-esteem
The quest to find a way to express oneself could lead a student with low self-esteem to join cult group to feel important. Cultism offers a fertile ground for such students to find ugly confidence in violence and dastardly acts.

5. Peer Influence
Peer pressure has been identified as one of the reasons why undergraduates joint cults. Once a students is initiated it is incumbent for him to persuade his friends to see reasons why being a campus big boy is tied to being a cult member.

Source: Studentnaija


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