Thursday, 11 April 2019

Tech: Nigerian Student Invents Amazing Video-Based Vehicle Counting System As Final Year Project

A young promising Nigerian whose name is Nicholas Kajoh (@nicholaskajo on Twitter) worked on video-based vehicle counting system as his final year project. He was able to actualize the video-based vehicle counting system using Python programming language.

Young Nicholas’ bio on Twitter says he’s a Software Engineer, Consultant, Author of the Alpha Coder (AC) Blog.

Nicholas Kajoh on Twitter wrote;

        1/2 I worked on a video-based vehicle counting system for my final year (BSc) project. It gave me the opportunity to finally dive into Computer Vision. It was built using OpenCV (Python) and a pre-trained YOLO v3 object detection model. Accuracy is not that bad IMO.

What can you say about this brainstorming Project?


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