Saturday, 20 April 2019

JAMB 2019: JAMB Speaks About 2019 UTME Exams, Malpratices/Impersonations and When Should Candidates Expect Results

- We are ready and well organized to start releasing the jamb results of merited candidates.
- We had scrutinized and carefully watched the conduction of this year's exam.
- We have found a lot of impersonating materials.
- O'Level/ND/NCE Results Upload to Start Immediately after the release of UTME Results.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) said that about 100,000 candidates came inside hall with scientific calculators, while 500,000 candidates came inside hall with mobile phones.

"I am sure that candidates didn't know that CCTV cameras were mounted inside the exam hall where they can't imagine.
As of last year conduction, we mounted the CCTV cameras where someone can easy detect it.
So they now used a smart style in cheating inside exam hall".

"We also discovered that 300,000 did system malpractices thereby inviting external bodies or machineries to write exam for them".

"We detected that when we are checking the candidate's thumbprint and pictures in the system".

"We can boast of 1.2 million candidate's results out of 1.9 million candidates that registered exam this year ( 2019 ). 600,000 candidates scored above 200 , 300,000 candidates scored above 180 and lastly 300,000 candidates scored below 180".

"Those results are already available, we are now maintaining the online result checker portal. In no distant time, candidates will be able to access their results".

Jamb went further to say the condition of those that has fallen victim of the exam.
"As for those that are caught in exam malpractice, we are going to have a brief meeting on that, while those cut with scientific calculators, their exams will be rescheduled or deduction of their scores".

Candidates will be updated when the portal is fixed.
They urge the candidates to print their original Jamb result (coloured) and online result (either coloured or black and white).

"Candidates should not forget to upload their o'level results immediately they access their results".

There are two ways to check and print your results slip.
1. Either you visit directly to online result checker and put your email address or phone number or registeration number to print your results.


2. You visit your 2019 jamb profile  and log in , go to check 2019 utme result and put your registration number and print your results.

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