Saturday, 10 November 2018

Is There Really S.U.G In Nasarawa State University?

10th November, 2018

As a journalist my first obligation is to upholding the truth and reporting issues factually, concisely and precisely without any form of interference and bias.

It is rather heartbreaking to note that after several months of Student Union Government's (S.U.G) resuscitation in Nasarawa State University all seems to be the same, infact students can hardly tell if S.U.G exists in NSUK or not.

Today, there are little or no physical or educational empowerment the Student's Union Government can lay claims to despite several months of been in power.

There are also no tangible structural achievement students of the varsity can point at, as a project started and completed by this administration despite monies alleged disbursed by the university management to the union. 

Then I wonder why we didn't borrow a cue from other universities where SUG had visible projects such as Bus Shuttle, Bus Stop, Inter University Debate Competition,  Donation of Water Facilities, Inter Faculty Debate Competition, Adequate Water Supply etc.

Shockingly!! In recent time there have been accusations and counter accusations of gross embezzlement leveled against the Executive President by high ranking members of the Executive and Senate; alleging that the President had squandered association's fund running into several millions of naira and even received several sums without the consent of members of the Executive and Senate.

It was further revealed that the winners of NSUK pageantry were never given a price, as they were offered blank cheques.

While the President on his own part seems to be accusing a section of his Executive and Senate of trying to sabotage, overthrow and truncate his government.

However, in my tiny-pieced opinion,  the Students Union has done a terribly bad job in student's representation, because as it stands NSUK students can not differentiate if there is SUG or not in the varsity!!! It has always been one accusation to another right from its inception thereby totally defeating and contradicting the purpose for its resuscitation.

Sadly!! I will never forget the struggles of Myself, Ofim Kelechi Ofim (Former MACOSA President), Aliyu Tala Safiyanu (Former FOSSSA President), Anas Abdulmuni (Former Pol. Sci. President), Sadiq Abdulrazaq (Former President Faculty of Admin), etc who fought  ceaselessly and relentlessly, bombarding the management to see S.U.G in NSUK.

I still vividly remember how we had to abandon our schedules and lectures in order to brokered meetings with the University management as regards resuscitating S.U.G in NSUK.

Sadly, to our utmost dismay, several months after its reinstatement all seems to be the same without any achievement to show for it.

📌 Divinelove Udorji


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