Wednesday, 11 July 2018

"Emma2Nice for D.O.S" says Macosa student at different levels.

"Emma2Nice for D.O.S" says Macosa student at different levels. 
After the ban was lifted for the 2018 election, many students of the department have and are still declaring their intention and aspirations for prospective position they feel capable of handling.

However, following the controversy concerning Ayuba Emmanuel AKA Emma2Nice's intention of going for any of the position in the department, Nsukguide decided to run a vox-pop on some members of the department at different levels, and here are some of their amazing views and opinion:
"Firstly I want him to be the D. O.S because he is socially alert, he is educationally smart and socially alert
Combination of both makes him perfect for the job of the D.O.S .. 
Someone who can bring out crowd at the right time..

Lol. Emma can be very stubborn but I feel with him as DOS he will move the department to where it's supposed to be socially" Uguru Faith (300level)

"I know he deserves it, he's socialized and he'll take our department to the next and highest in all aspects of school and I believe if we all join hands and vote for him he'll surely keep us  on a loud house entertainment he'll show them the meaning of director of socials." Jude Yahaya (200level)

"I want Emma2Nice to be the D. O. S of the Mass communication department because in recent times there haven't been any development in the social life of the students, it has in a way been more like a Locked up situation for the students, No Extra social activities for the department. And i know if Emma2Nice is able to be in that position there are 1000 possibilities of changes and a successful story to the development of the  social life of students because Emma2Nice is Exposed and Is capable i can tell#I SUPPORT
EMMA2NICE#TEAM 2NICE" Flamez (300level)

"Emma2Nice for D.O.S, becuz i know he'll surely hype this department beyond keffi" Lewis Edache (300l)

"I would like him to be the D.O.S becuz He's smart
And he can sacrifice  for others" Mrs Macosa (200level)

Following this massive request and hype, we had to invite him over for an interview, and this was what he had to say "well, I'm overwhelmed with what I've heard so far, and with a lot of Macosites coming to approach me boldly, I just know that letting them down will be last thing on my mind. I want to use this medium to clear the air and disclose my intention of contesting for the fourth coming Macosa election, this Saturday. Thanks Nsukguide".

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