Monday, 31 July 2017

Review of Revolution


What is a Play Without a Set?
The students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi staged a workshop play titled Revolution during the Theatre and Cultural Studies Student’s Association (TACSSA) Week which lasted from 19th to 23rd of June, 2017The play was performed during the Cultural Day event on the 23rd of June, 2017, where there were many invited guests. The play was directed by Lyn Pyendang; and it lasted for 28 minutes on stage.
The play Revolution projects some societal issues in Nigeria. It is based in construction site, where there were many labour activities going on such as brick laying, carpentry, iron bending, etc. The labourers begin to discuss issues on leadership in the site; they insist that they need a new leader. Thus, Emeka’ insists that he would be their next leader, but some of them kick against it. In the heat of the discussion, there is a flashback on the colonial days; the colonial masters were represented as ‘neighbours’ from another construction site. Thus, the ‘neighbours’ enter their site intermittently and exploit their resources over and over until the labourers unanimously refuse to allow for a continuous exploitation. Consequently, the ‘neighbours’ confront them with weapons such as guns. Back in the present day situation, an attractive lady from the ‘neighbours’ site walks in with food for sale. The labourers are happy, as they all rush to patronize her food because it is foreign. ‘Madam Charity’ complains that the labourers won’t buy her own local food which is affordable, instead they prefer to buy the ‘neighbours’ food even though it’s expensive. Later, an old man, ‘Baba’ feigns an illness, thus, the labourers call on ‘Emeka’ to take responsility, but he chickens out. However, ‘Ameh’ takes the responsibility, thereby propelling the labourers to declare him worthy to lead them. The play ends openly with ‘Ameh’ posing a question: “The future has a lot of things in place, don’t you think we ought to fight for it?”
During an interview with one of the students, Emmanuel Onchono (who conceived the idea of the construction site), he explained that the construction site is a metaphor used to represent Nigeria. Thus, he said “using the construction site is bringing to light the whole of Nigeria as an entity where there are people with different occupations. Therefore, a collective effort is what would help build the site”. Emmanuel also affirmed that the concept of the construction site was motivated by the work of Tor Iorapuu April 1421, and the likes of it.
The play has issues such as the scramble for political leadership in Nigeriathe country’s overdependence on some Western countries, and the impacts of colonialism embedded therein. The depiction of these issues were clear-cut; as we saw some of the labourers struggling to be chief of the site, we also saw when the colonial masters oppressed the people and exploited their resources, and how they,the members of the site would not patronise their own products, instead theypatronised that of their ‘neighbours’.
The production was beautiful, I must confess. The costumes, makeup, and props portrayed a construction site. The costumes were majorly overalls, and other pieces of clothing that were unkempt and stained with cement and other dirt. The props included wheelbarrows, shovels, head pans, saws, hammers, etc, which made it look like they were in an actual construction site. However, the scenic design didn’t project this effect, because there was no design at allDuring an interview with the student director, Lyn Pyendang, she affirmed that the use of the stage in its regular form was deliberate due to the theories she applied in directing the play which included Bertolt Bretch’s epic theatre (evident in the set, the changing of costumes on stage, one actor playing multiple roles, etc) and Constantin Stanislavski’s naturalism. In her words, “I trained the actors to really feel the pains of the characters; they had to be in character. For example, the actor who played the role of Esther actually cried on stage”. Thus, based on the feedback from the audience, Lyn believes that the play achieved its objectives as the members of the audience purged their emotions.
Thus, the team’s effort is commendable. The directing theory which they used to actualize the play essentially behoves the style of production, which is why the message of the play was clear. Nonetheless, the scenic design is a very vital element of a drama production, and should not be ignored, regardless of one’s approach of directing. Therefore, they should consider building a proper set the next time they intend to stage the play, because it would add more colour to the visual aesthetics of the production.

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Muby Versatile in colabo with Icebrook just dropped another banging track which was by Jahbro and they titled this one ANABELLA. Trust me its never going to be a waste of data because Muby is know by dropping banging jamz recently. Hit the DOWNLOAD button below to get this track into your phone


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Paris Club Refund - Al-Makura to pay salaries, arrears.

Paris Club refund - Al-Makura to pay salaries, arrears.
By David Odama - Lafia

Governor Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has declared that the N4.5 billion Paris club refund given to the state by the Federal Government will be used to offset workers’ salaries and backlog of arrears owed workers in the state.

Al-makura The governor, who disclosed this yesterday at Government House, Lafia, during a meeting with officials of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress, TUC, explained that out of the N4.5 billion, the state will take N2.9 billion, while the local government will take N1.6 billion.

The governor stated that the state government was owning workers only two months and immediately directed the payment of one month salary. He noted that the federal allocation to the state will be added to the balance of the Paris Club funds to pay the other months.

At the local government level, Governor Al-Makura explained that pensioners owed before 2011 will be paid in full, while those from 2011 to date will get 50 percent of their entitlements.

Responding, the state Chairman of NLC, Mr. Abdullahi Adeka, commended the governor for running an open and transparent administration and called for its sustenance.

Source: Vanguardngr

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

All NSUK Final Year Exit: The Last Dance

NSUK Are You Ready!!!

This is the Grand-Master of all event in NSUK
Are you a final year Students of NSUK?
Then You cant afford to miss this one!!!

This is an event that will bring all NSUK FINAL YEAR Students for a Grand Finale.
Invite your Family, Friends and Loved Ones to Come and Celebrate with You.
You Only Graduate Once!!!

Special Appearance
Fame City Gang, Holy Prince Majid, Shanpista, Teedon15, Big Fredo, Jbrada, Ello, Blinkx, OtuBlinks, 2holy, Muby, Major Black, Tom-p, Major Kayz, Krazicent, Durphy Truth, Overcomer And More

All New and Outgoing NSUK Queens & Faces

Graduating Stars
BishopSwagg, Adamswags, Raven, Ninx-B, Kappachino, Venom, Benbreezy, NewBrid, Simbliss.

The Event is Scheduled hold as follows:

Date: 30th July, 2017

Time: 2:00 pm
Venue: NSUK Football Field.
Entry: FREE

Come and be Entertained by Amazing Performances 
From all NSUK Artists.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

ASUU NEC meeting on going at Nasarawa varsity

ASUU NEC meeting on going at Nasarawa varsity;
as members welfare, funding of university top list;
Might issue ultimatum to federal government.

By Attah Adgidzi

About two hundred and fifty delegates representing both public and private universities registered with the Academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria are currently meeting at the Nasarawa state Univetsit, Keffi for its expanded National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

The NEC meeting which started Friday, 21 July, 2017, with ASUU National executive officers who met at Minki Suit, a private hotel in Keffi, would last till Monday with a breakfast meeting with all the members in attendance.

Venue of the ASUU NEC meeting was the postgraduate school hall of Nasarawa State University amidst tight security, and pressmen were asked to stay-off the venue of the meeting.

Agenda of the meeting is exclusive to participating ASUU members; however a comprehensive communiqué is expected to be produce at the end of the meeting.

Nevertheless NSUK Guide reporter who was at the venue of the meeting gathered that critical issues bordering on the welfare of ASUU members, increase funding of university education, research and training of members are on top list in the agenda, as well as progressive report on the ongoing strike which virtually shut down academic activities in some universities in the country.

An impeccable source told out reporter that, "ASUU was going to issue ultimatum to the federal government over certain demands of the union."

Our source who was not specific on the demands of ASUU, described the union and its leadership as "one of the most fearless unions in the country who has the capacity to even shut-down the barracks".

Trust NSUK Guide to bring you more details from the ongoing meeting as they unfold.

This report was written by Attah Adgidzi and edited by Simon, Markus Yila (Mark Motion)

Friday, 21 July 2017


Department of theatre Arts, College of Education Akwanga, Nasarawa State on 13th July 2017 took another dimension in stage Theatrical performance as its 2017 final year students produced a play believed to be a melodrama Titled "To Return From The Void" written by a prolific Nigerian Playwright Sunday Enessi Ododo aka Sunnie Ododo and Directed by Michael Mathias(Atas President)
The 2 hours 30mins production which started 2:30 pm Nigerian time took place at the 400 capacity auditorium of the department within the college premises witness a large audience turnout from far and near who came to watch the NCE 3 students exhibit their stage talent. In the audience were parents, friends and family members, also in attendance at the venue of the production was the representative of the provost(Deputy Provost), the Registrar Audu Mangut, the Dean School of secondary education arts and social sciences Alh Musa Akwe, The departmental external Examiner Prof Dugga Victorr(Dean faculty of Arts FUL), the COEA Theatre Arts HOD mallam Mohammed Adamu, staff and other students of the department.
"To Return from the void" according to the head of Department Mallam Mohammed Adamu is the first of its kind to be produced by the department as a melodrama is a critical stocktaking of the Nigerian experience right from the the colonial days to the present times, while casting similar allusion on the continent of Black Africa.
Exploring the media of dance and drama to compliment its musical orientation, the musical drama addresses the attitude of Nigerian leaders and its citizens to governance after independence beginning from the exposition of the play down to the resolution using the three(3) major ethnic groups in Nigerian (Hausa, Fulani, and Igbo) as the focus of the satirical attack of the musical drama being the visible political gladiators of the Nigerian polity.
Nneka(Bernice Charity), Awotoye(Dauda Asagaku) and Dankwushi(Oduma Ali) respectively typify these ethnic groups in the musical drama through flamboyant exhibition of Nigerian cultural heritage and free flowing sonorous poetic songs. The Musical drama establishes the political rivalry that exist among the three major ethnic groups in Nigerian occasioned by their taste of free-rule which they found "sweeter than Honey".
The musical drama climax and resolute that the inability of the people especially the tribal leaders to let common sense prevail in their actions is the bane of the country. As it takes an organized and determined will of people with divine intervention to come out of the political quagmire in other to move forward. "To return from the void", Thrives in symbols, icons, satirical snipes, colours, probing poetic songs and integrated theatrical approach to make its point.

The play had its major actors which help portrayed the message of the playwright as.

Fredrick Precious- Mother Earth

Narrator- Felicia Jerry.

Colonial Master - Boazbovi Boviluna

Nneka - Bernice Charity.

The 120 hour's (3 hours a day for 2 Months)rehearsed play production had issues in the technical department especially use of stage lights and also the transition of scenes.. The orchestral who were also students were superb with their voices and songs.

Critic Review by Ahemba T. Enoch(Da-Cruz) 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


From The Office Of NANS JCC Director Of Socials Nas State Axis In Collaboration With NSUK Director Of Socials Forum Presents NSUK Hall Of Fame Concert/Award

Graduating Stars
BishopSwagg, Adamswags, Raven, Ninx-B, Kappachino, Venom, Benbreezy, NewBrid, Simbliss.

Special Appearance
Fame City Gang, Holy Prince Majid, Shanpista, Teedon15, Big Fredo, Jbrada, Ello, Blinkx, OtuBlinks, 2holy, Muby, Major Black, Tom-p, Major Kayz, Krazicent, Durphy Truth, Overcomer And More

MC Kure, MC Rasky, MC Kuvuki & MC Tenny

Date: Thursday, 27th Of July 2017 | Time: 6pm

Minki Suites

Gate Pass: N300 Only

See Categories of Awards Here

Nomination Closes on 22nd July, 2017

For Further Enquiries Contact:
08089891078, 08035642236, 08174309973

Proudly Supported By NSUKGuide

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

WAEC Releases 2017 Results: Records Best Results in 15 Years.

This is to inform the general public, students and parents that the results of the WASSCE for School Candidates, 2017/2018 has been released today, Tuesday 18th July, 2017.

According to the Performance Statistics released by the examination body, 1,567,016 candidates registered for the examination, out of which 1,559,162 candidates sat for the examination.

The statistics further shows that 829,853 were male & 729,309 were female, representing 53.22% & 46.27% respectively.

Out of the total no. of candidates that sat for the exam, 1,471,151, rep. 94.36% have their results fully processed & released, while 95,734 candidates, representing 5.64% have a few of their subjects still being processed due to errors traceable to the candidates. Such errors are being corrected & the results will be fully processed and released subsequently.

However, 214,952 candidates' results, representing 13.79% are being withheld in connection with various reported cases of exam malpractice. The cases are being investigated & reports of the investigations will be presented to the NEC in due course for consideration.

The Committee’s decisions will be communicated to the affected candidates through their schools.

Below is a presentation of the performance for the 2017/2018 WASSCE Examination.
1,490,356 candidates, representing 95.59% obtained credits and above in two (2) subjects.
1,436,024 candidates, representing 92.44% obtained credits and above in three (3) subjects.
1,357,193 candidates, representing 87.05% obtained credits and above in four (4) subjects.
1,243,772 candidates, representing 79.77% obtained credits and above in five (5) subjects.
1,084,214 candidates, representing 69.54% obtained credits and above in six (6) subjects.

From the breakdown above, 923,486 candidates, representing 59.22%, obtained minimum of credits in 5 subjects & above, including English Language & Mathematics. This shows an improvement in the performance of WASSCE for School Candidates in 2015 & 2016 was 38.68% & 52.97%, respectively.

Candidates who sat the exam will be able to check their results via waecdirect within the next few hours.

The Result checker PIN and Serial Number are contained on the CIVAMPENS Card issued to all candidates. However, if you need to purchase the Result Checker Pin, call us on 08036335647

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Banana Republic is a play written by Vitalis Okonkwo, a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK). The play was performed by the students of UNIZIK on the 27th of April 2017, during the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Festival (NUTAF) 2017, in the University of Benin, Ugbowo Campus. There was a large audience for the play production.
Banana Republic is supposedly a satire, which captures some of the social problems that are faced by the third class citizens in Nigeria. Basically, the play’s metaphor is the bad leadership in Nigeria; how the leaders who are at the top of the economic food chain prey on the helpless citizens who are at the bottom of the food chain.
In the beginning of the play, a landlord storms a compound and oppresses his tenants by trailing them to their doorsteps to ask for their payment of rents, whether they owe the debts or not. The tenants therefore complain that their salaries have not been paid by the government, but the landlord insists that he would be back to collect his rent anyway. The situation however, leads to each of the neighbours sharing their personal problems in order to explain why they are in such a predicament.  For instance, Papa Godwin has not seen his son, Godwin in a while; Baba Latifa got involved in an online business scam, etc. They also have intermittent fallouts with each other in an attempt to find solutions to their various problems, thereby causing a rumpus in the neighbourhood. 
The production was very interesting and entertaining. The audience was carried along all through the performance, as the hall was filled with laughter and the audience applauded almost every action. Basically, there was a tremendous reaction from the audience. However, the production portrayed more elements of a slapstick comedy than a satire, thereby obscuring the play’s metaphor to some extent. This is because the acting was melodramatic; which by the way was what kept the audience glued to their seatsIt worked as a good strategy, but for the purpose of staging a more proficient performance in near prospects, the director should ensure that the actions are not exaggerated.
The actors did fabulously great; they interpreted their individual characters very well, particularly the actors who played Papa Godwinand Rosa. On the contrary, the actor who played the role of Baba Latifaintermittently went in and out of character, as one moment he was a typical Yoruba man with the Yoruba accent, and another, his Yoruba accent was gone. Generally, the acting was credible; there were beautiful movements, excellent facial expressions, good articulation, and good voice projection.
The stage was properly used by the actors, though at some points there were many actions going on at the same time. Nonetheless, they managed their arrangements well, including their body positions, except the scene where Baba Latifa was confronted by two young men who got him involved in an online networking business that went bad. In thatscene, Baba Latifa and the two young men were standing in a firing squad; a firing squad is when the actors assume a straight horizontal line while having a dialogue. Nevertheless, the stage was beautiful; the scenic design was good. The set projected a poor man’s environment, as there was visible dirt in the environment to show that the play was situated in the slums. The costumes and make-up were also in line with the production; simple and appropriate for the style of production. Though Rosa’s makeup is an exception, because it was somewhat loud and did not appear as character make-up; instead it was like a stylized make-up, which isn’t appropriate for an everyday character. I suppose that it was done purposely in a bid to exaggerate the performance. However, the other technical departments did well, to include the light and sound which established the mood of the play.
Therefore, the play is completely worth buying a ticket for. But the team should work harder in order to put up a more credible performance, as they exude a lot of good potentials.


Monday, 17 July 2017

Event: FOSSSA 2017 - Face Of FOSSSA & Award Night

Office Of Director Of Socials (Faculty Of Social Sciences) 


Face Of FOSSSA & Award Night

Performing Artistes
Raven, Ninx-B, Adamswags, BishopSwags, 9plus, Dj Fancy, OtuBlinks, A WambaBlinky Koshy, Blinkx, Spicy, Shanpista, Kappachino, Ekrizzy, Tyiana, Elbo And More

Prime Access, Efizzy, 1most

Masters Of Ceremony
MC Kure, MC Kuvuki, MC Ade

Saturday, 22nd, July 2017 | Red Carpet: 6pm | Main Event: 7pm

Sharon Garden @ Minki Suites

Mr/Miss FOSSSA Beauty Pageant 2017 Contestant's Form Is Now On Sale
Contact: 08035642236

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Face Of Public Admin & Award Night 2017

Office Of Director Of Socials (NAPAS) 


Face Of Public Admin & Award Night

Performing Artistes
Raven, Ninx-B, Adamswags, 9plus, Dj Fancy, OtuBlinks, Blinks/ Spacy Koshy, Blinx, Spicy, Shanpista, Zeecoty, Tyiana, Captain X, Dollar Prinz And More

Prime Access, Efizzy, 1most, Billz

Special Appearance
Faculty & NAPAS President
Faculty & Departmental Queens

Master Of Ceremony
MC Tallest

Thursday, 20th, July 2017 | Red Carpet: 5pm | Main Event: 6pm

Minki Suites, After Party @ Pela Lounge

Mr/Miss Public Admin Beauty Pageant 2017 Contestant's Form Is Now On Sale
Contact: 08069218184, 08035147640, 08056073350

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Sunday, 16 July 2017


From the wheel of steel, Esdee who is also known as bad man esdee Yallaboi
in collaboration with Arewa Dopest music producer 9plus just dropped another 
dope banger which they titled CALABASH Trust me, the Jam is worth listening 
to. click the download button under to download and add to your playlist


Mama's Prayers by ONCHONO EMMANUEL

Writer: Onchono Franco Emmanuel
Dedicated to: Campus Students
Title: Mama's Prayers

I love it when I hear people most especially guys say "my mama's prayer keeps me going". The nature of the world occupied by we the youths is on a fast tracked change. The percentage of campus students  who forget and at worst ignore night prayers over shadows the percentage of those who are in constant communion with God via night prayers and prayers in general.

Our mothers, despite the stress and at worst the fatigue from everyday work, they must find time to pray and the biggest part of their prayers and supplications are always channeled to us who from our own end do not know and bother not to know the level of intercessions done on our behalf.

On her kneels, she asks God to bless and keep you. With her hands high up in the air, she praises God for your wellbeing and redemption. In tears she prays to God to give you joy and happiness beyond boundaries.

With her fist raised up to the Heavens, she asks God to grant you strength to forge ahead in all you're doing. With loving heart of prayer, she pours out good and tender words to you. In vision she prays you become a better person worth emulation. In love and honesty, she prays for you to grow into maturity and be of influence to your generation.

In full concentration, she requests Heavenly graces and blessings for you. With love for you to live longer and better she prays against any terror of night or arrow that flies by day that may attempt hurting you. While you are sleeping she's awake in prayers and maybe that's why she's called a prayer warrior or a spiritual vigilante.
With her mouth she says AMEN to all her prayers for you.

You're in school, but always neglect night prayers. Remember, when rain attempts to fall at night and the weather becomes somehow somewhat cold; and all you know how to do best is go to your social network handles and upload 'weather for two'. Your Mama in that cold is on her kneels for you.

Remember, every last Fridays of the months, when you club to the fullest; your Mama may be in a night vigil praying for you to the fullest.

Remember, the nights you smoke weed/tobacco and the smoke ascends to the ceiling, your Mama's prayer also ascends to the Heavens so that graces and blessings may descend on you like he Holy Spirit did on the day of Pentecost.

Remember, the nights when you hangout with cults/bad gangs to commit crime/evils; your Mama is on her kneels committing you and your everything into the hands of God in prayer. 

Remember, the nights when you go for night classes; your Mama is at home praying for wisdom, fortitude, understanding and retentive memory asking God to grant all to you.

Remember, the nights when you're busy fornicating and enjoying marital groove that's not meant for you; your Mama left your Papa in the bed and keeping aside the love making for some hours just to pray for you.

Remember, the nights you're busy making extracool night calls to your lover; your Mama is seriously making a more extracool in fact, extrachilled call with God on your behalf.

Remember, those nights when you watch late night football matches in soccer houses; your Mama is on her kneels praying earnestly that someday people will sit to watch and listen to you.

Can you pay for the sacrifices she has made for you in prayer?

The one person who always pray that God should shine His light on you so that you don't have head on head collision with  those that fly at night. She dey always pray make Oluwa shine His light make you no go jam those wey dey fly for night with knife to take life.
True love indeed your Mama gat for you. Appreciate her!

Papa God abeg bless me... Even if not for anything, bless me because of my mama that I may in return bless her so that her labour will favour her. Let her reap richly in hundreds of thousand folds the fruit of her labour.
Bless me that in her old age, I may take care of her to the highest level in a way that joy, happiness and thanksgiving to you for blessing me will never depart from her. Amen.

I love my mother beyond calculation.
God bless my angel mother!

I am but just a country boy.
Linx aka Talented


Saturday, 15 July 2017

When down to nothing, God is up to something. By ONCHONO EMMANUEL

Photo Credit: James Ochayi DKing
Writer: Onchono  Emmanuel
Excerpt: Beautifully broken, that's where God does His best work.
Title: When you're down to nothing, God is up to something.

I was reading a post sometime ago where a friend posted that he felt like he's loosing his mind and recently, he said he's like a plant with no water. Viewing down to the comment, I came across where he said thus: "you know that feeling that at a time in life nothing seems to be going well". He must have been faced or probably undergoing some pains or maybe some advance level of brokeness so much that he's feeling nothing is working out somewhere.

I really do not know what his challenges are but one thing I know for sure and too well is that when we are down to nothing, God is up to something. It maybe in that broke state that God's statements will bring you to a better state that will stay and stand the test of time.

Do not loose your mind yet because you never can tell when God will let loose your blessings. Do not pull down yet because you never can tell what God is pulling up for you. Do not conclude yet because you never can tell what the consensus of the Heavens may be. Do not feel like a plant without water yet, you never can tell if God is about raining blessings on you.

Remind and tell whoever must have told you it is finished that every finished line is the beginning of a new race and a new grace is always allocated with the new race. Let it sink into the heads of those who told you that time and tides are gone that God's time is the best and perfect time.

Do not feel let down yet because God never let his own down. Do not think, sound or behave pessimistic yet because with God on our side, we are to be over optimistic. Cry not for the heavens is pregnant and soonest there shall be showers of blessings.

There are times when good things fall apart so that better things may fall in place but again, there are times when better things may not be in place so that the best things may fall in place.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best which in God's name shall come in the best way. Don't feel low because our God is the most high God and has the capacity to turn a valley into a mountain.

Don't feel downcasted because you're on God's first cast list for divine manifestation. Do not feel small because we serve a very BIG GOD. Do not feel like a slave or subject to suffering because our God is the King and Master of the universe.

In such a time as this, you need to advance in making your tank full by being thankful to your creator if not for anything but at least for the gift of life. In such a time as this, your hope should be bigger than yourself. In such a time as this, make sure you speak positive so that you may attract positivity.

Remember, there is no situation or challenges that can outshine the greatness of our great God. If things are not working now, relax, He is preparing them to work in the best way.

I am but just a country boy.
Linx aka Talented
_____________ ______________________


Friday, 14 July 2017

Event: NAFAS 2017 - Face Of Admin & Award Night

Office Of Director Of Socials (Faculty Of Admin) 


Face Of Admin & Award Night

With Special Appearance From Arewa's indigenous Rapper B.O.C & All Faculty Queens

Performing Artistes
Raven, Ninx-B, Adamswags, 9plus, Dj Fancy, OtuBlinks, Blinky Koshy, Blinkx, Spicy, Shanpista, Ekrizzy, Tyiana, Captain X And More

Prime Access, Efizzy, 1most

Masters Of Ceremony
MC Kure, Teo, Holly Prince Majid

Friday, 21st Of July | Red Carpet: 6pm | Main Event: 7pm

Minki Suites | After Party @ Pela Lounge

Mr/Miss Admin Beauty Pageant 2017 Contestant's Form Is Now On Sale
Contact: 08032540444

Powered By NAFAS/D.O.S Forum &  Proudly Supported By NsukGuide

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


From the office of NANS JCC Director of Socials Nasarawa State Axis
In Conjunction with
NSUK Directors of Social Forum



Below are the List of Award Categories:

Students Category

 1. Most Beautiful
 2. Most Handsome
 3. Mr. Charisma
 4. Miss Charisma
 5. Miss Classic
 6. Mr. Classic
 7. Most Famous Male
 8. Most Famous Female
 9. Miss Endowed
 10. Miss Portable
 11. Mr. Fresher
 12. Miss Fresher
 13. Miss Ebony
 14. Mr. Ebony
 15. Best Clique Male
 16. Best Clique Female
 17. Most Craziest Male
 18. Most Craziest Female
 19. Best Dressed Female
 20. Best Dressed Male
 21. Miss Personality
 22. Mr. Personality
 23. Mr. Swags
 24. Miss Swags
 25. Most Expensive Male
 26. Most Expensive Female
 27. Most Reserved male
 28. Most Reserved Female
 29. Best Wardrobe Female
 30. Best Wardrobe Male
 31. Beauty & Brain
 32. Handsome & Brain
 33. Best Graduating Male
 34. Best Graduating Female
 35. Best Researcher
 36. Most Influential Male
 37. Most  Influential Female
 38. Most Outspoken Male
 39. Most Outspoken Female
 40. Most Decent Male
 41. Most Decent Female
 42. Most Outstanding Student M.
 43. Most Outstanding Student F.
 45. Most Friendly Student Male
 46. Most Friendly Student F.
 47. Best Footballer
 48. Photogenic Male
 49. Photogenic Female
 50. Most Social Male
 51. Most Social Female
 52. Most Creative Female
 53. Most Creative Male
 54. Most Industrious Male
 55. Most Industrious Female
 56. Entrepreneur of The Year

Students Leadership Category

 1. Best Class Rep.
 2. Achiever of the year
 3. Political Icon Male
 4. Political Icon Female
 5. Best Faculty President
 6. Best Dept. President
 7. Best Faculty D.O.S
 8. Best Dept. D.O.S
 9. Best Faculty Queen

Entertainment Category

 1. Best Music Producer
 2. Best Video Producer
 3. Song of The Year
 4. Video of The Year
 5. Next Rated Artist
 6. Best Vocal Artist
 7. Best Rap Artist
 8. Best Actor
 9. Best Actress
 10. Best Group Dancer
 11. Informative Blog of The Year
 12. Entertainment Blog of The Year

Staff Category (From Each Faculty)

 1. Most Outstanding Lecturer
 2. Most Friendly Lecturer
 3. Most Discipline Lecturer
 4. Most Reserved Lecturer
 5. Best Dressed Lecturer
 6. Most Punctual Lecturer

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