Sunday, 12 March 2017

Word Zone: REVENGE

Have you heard or come across words like: retribution, reprisal, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, do me I do you and so many other words and quotes?

Do you know these at times are out backbone in the practice of vengeance which often leads to hate and intra-personal injury?
I've heard people discuss revenge and how they feel. Some feel good when they revenge and that's where and when you hear things like: sweet revenge, great repay, wonderful drilling. But, the truth remains that, there's no joy in revenge. Revenge is affiliated to weak people... Only weak people wanna take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Without me there's no you, without 
 you there's no me and without us there's no us. As far as we live within the circle that we all need each other to lean on; we must always offend each other every now and then. 

What is the place of revenge in our existence? The gravity of revenge is mostly higher than that of the offense and this many at times becomes the last memory of some people. What if we maintain a goof picture and become the last memory of some people in a good way by forgiving and letting the hurt and pains go?

Check this out. I don't know what you know or what you think. Imagine for every offense there's a revenge? We all by now, would be victims of vengeance oriented circumstances. Revenge doesn't take back the hand of the clock neither does it restore damages to normality. Why then do we craze, crave and clamour for revenge and even put on revenge jackets to embark on revenge missions?

"There's more to life than filing for revenge"
- Onchono Emmanuel Quote @ 017


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