Thursday, 23 February 2017

NSUK GUIDE FACE OF THE WEEK Ep.3 : See The Contestants For The Week

Below Are The Contestants For The Week. You can vote by clicking on the circle in front of your favorites contestants name and click the vote bottom at them bottom of this post 

Name: Ayoola Precious
State: Osun State
Faculty: Education
Course: Mathematics education
Level: 100
Hobbies: Love Dancing and Reading

Name: Suzan I. Oyiwodu
State: Benue State,
Faculty: Social Sciences
Course: Mass Communication B. Sc
Level: 400
Hobbies: Reading, Travelling and Hanging Out.

Name: Abdulazeez B. Sani
State: Nasarawa State
Faculty: Agriculture
Course: Forestry, Wildlife and Ecotourism
Football and traveling

Name: Adeno Emmanuel
State:Nasarawa State
Faculty: Social Sciences
Course: Geography B. Sc
level: 300
Ambition: Climatologist
Hobbies: Reading and volleyball


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