Saturday, 18 February 2017

Celebrating An Icon

Celebration of an Icon...

A very BIG happy birthday to this man of valor, a rare gem and a wonderful to this generation and the one to come. Its a great day sir and with joy in my heart, I celebrate you and pray for many years and many happy returns.

Silver or gold I have not but I give you this token gift; some may call this piece as cheap but am cocksure you'll appreciate. It is my wish and prayer that it shall be:

Beautiful above you

Beautiful below you

Beautiful before you

Beautiful behind you

Beautiful within and around you. Amin!

Sir, as you go about every business today, may the Lord cause ALL things good, all things bad and even all things ugly to work together for your good. May the blessings of this day be yours now and always.


Happy birthday Comrade Yakubu Imrana Sidi Sharif

Able President Department of Public Administration.


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